About Us

The Montel Williams MS Foundation was established to further the scientific study of MS in October 2000. The goals of The Montel Williams MS Foundation are to provide financial assistance to select organizations and institutions conducting the most current research, to raise national awareness about MS, and to educate the public about the medical benefits of marijuana and the potential for its use in the treatment of MS.

Since its inception, the Foundation, with Montel Williams lending his time and talents to numerous fund-raising initiatives, has distributed more than $1.5 million to research entities that are studying MS.

Currently, 100% of the public’s donations go directly to funding research to find a cure for MS. We are committed to keeping administrative costs as low as possible to remain true to this mission.

The research centers the Foundation has made grants to are: Johns Hopkins, Yale, University of California at Irvine, University of California at San Francisco, Kennedy Krieger, Northwestern University, University of Rochester, Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Accelerated Cure Project, Research Foundation of SUNY, the Nancy Davis Center Without Walls in the United States, and Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University in Sweden. Grantees for 2008 include Accelerated Cure Project, Johns Hopkins and SUNY universities and Karolinksa Institute, which are also previous grantees, as indicated. New awardees are Epivax, the foundation’s first biotech company, University of Medicine & Dentistry NJ—New Jersey Medical School and the University of Virginia.

The Montel Williams MS Foundation

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