Best CBD Oil for Sale Online: Top 10 Ranked Pure CBD Brands

CBD is oil a rising star on the US market and shows no intention of slowing down. However, as is the case with many new products on the market, a lot of people are trying to make a profit on CBD’s popularity. But their hearts aren’t always in the right place. While some want to build a legitimate business that would help other people, others are simply interested in making a quick buck. All of this will leave you confused and often misinformed about what the best CBD oil is, and how to find it.

The overall lack of transparency and regulations in the industry makes it quite difficult for new users to find what they need. The goal of this article is to teach you everything you’ll need to know in order to make an informed decision. You’ll only read about the companies that employ ethical business practices, sell high-quality products, and test them for purity and potency. So, without further ado, let’s talk about everything you need to know before making a purchase.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best CBD Oil

Is It Truly High-Quality?

Potential customers might be easy prey for brands that employ clever strategies. But if those brands don’t deliver the value and quality, their success will only be short-term. They’ll be out of business before they know it.

Quality is the most important factor in weeding out the best CBD oil, and it has the final say in a product’s ranking. This section will cover the most important CBD-related questions, such as:

  • How is it and made, and from which ingredients?
  • Where is the hemp sourced from?
  • Can you avoid the unpleasant taste?

Is It as Potent as the Label Claims?

It goes without saying that CBD level is what makes or breaks a CBD oil. When a company tries to hide behind clever advertising and fluff words — it could be cause for concern. However, a trustworthy company won’t leave you with any qualms regarding the exact potency of its oil.

What’s the Shopping Experience Like?

It’s not uncommon for a company to sell amazing products but create an unpleasant shopping experience. If a shop makes you feel uncomfortable, or a website keeps crashing as you’re trying to place your order, you likely won’t go back there. Because of that, this review will also focus on the websites of each company and review their performance, accessibility, and design. It’s also key to know how easy it is to get to the important information, such as the ingredients, testing, as well as shipping and return policies.

Is the Company Transparent?

Test results for contaminants in both CBD and THC are one of the highest priorities. Third-party testing is crucial if a company wants to present itself and its products as reliable. Furthermore, to ensure a brand’s transparency, it must measure up to the claims it has made, and provide accurate descriptions on its labels. Lastly, in this review, you won’t read about any products that are more than 10% short of the amount of CBD they’re advertising.

Customer Care

People who are new to the CBD world need the comfort of fast and friendly customer service. A reliable company will stand by its consumers and take care of them. In this article, you’ll learn how each company’s customer service department performs when it comes to answering the most important questions about a product.

The Reputation Among Users

In the words of Harvey Mackay, “You can’t buy a good reputation; you must earn it.” Using your resources to research any product properly is key. This article will take into account reviews that former customers have left online, as well as how the company responds to criticism.

Top 10 CBD Oils

Royal CBD

Royal CBD is a high-end brand that specializes in creating CBD oils for people who don’t mind paying top dollar to get the best product. To stand out from the competition, they make their oils with premium-grade MCT oil.

Their CBD oils come in 250 and 500mg bottles, but unfortunately only feature a natural flavor. Although this is a drawback, especially for novice users, Royal CBD is constantly working on improving their product range. Thus, you’ll likely see more options in the future.

Royal CBD might have the best CBD oil for you if you want a full-spectrum extract, or you’re dealing with chronic pain or anxiety. Their hemp comes from a respected manufacturer called “Global Cannabinoids,” and all of their products go through third-party lab testing.


  • Full-spectrum oils
  • Features organic, non-GMO hemp
  • CO2 extraction method
  • Features MCT oil
  • Third-party testing


  • No flavored options
  • Only 2 potency options


CBDPure offers relatively potent oils, which feature full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. Moreover, this might be the best CBD oil for you if you’re a regular user and love a good bargain, as the company also offers great bulk deals.

The company sources all of their hemp from the United States, and third-party testing has proven their products are as good as they claim. Additionally, the plants they use are organic, cannabis-rich, and pesticide-free. However, their CBD oil only comes in a 600mg bottle.

CBDPure has become the go-to oil for those suffering from chronic pain. It’s also great for those suffering from anxiety and lack of focus. Furthermore, if you want to support a home-grown product that features whole-plant extracts — CBDPure might be the one for you.


  • Home-grown
  • Full-spectrum terpenes and CBD
  • CO2 extraction
  • Third-party testing
  • Cheaper in bulk
  • Great for pain
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited product range
  • Only comes in natural flavor

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs produces the best CBD oils for those looking to manage their pain and anxiety levels. With up to 4000mg of CBD per bottle, the company wants to take the potency of their oils to the maximum. Additionally, its products feature pure CBD without any terpenes. The oils vary from 300–2000mg in bottle size, and feature watermelon and peppermint flavors. Additionally, the company sources its hemp from a premium-quality European producer.

Hemp Bombs is a great brand if you’re looking to maximize the potency of your CBD oil for pain and anxiety management. They also provide the best CBD oil for those who want to experience all of the benefits of consuming cannabidiol. You might also like this oil if you want to feel the sedating effects that high doses of CBD bring, or are in fear of failing a drug test.


  • Extremely potent
  • CO2 extraction method
  • Third-party testing
  • 0% THC


  • Their full-spectrum CBD oils don’t have as many benefits
  • Only comes in 30ml bottles

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf creates cannabinoid-rich extracts by only using ingredients certified by the USDA. The company has, by far, the biggest range of volume and potency options out of all the companies mentioned so far. Furthermore, their products range from 240–4850mg of CBD per bottle, and their tinctures can be found in over 1000 stores all over the US.

Additionally, NuLeaf’s reputation precedes them, and they are highly respected by a large number of satisfied customers. Although they don’t show lab results on their website, you can contact NuLeaf’s customer support, and they will promptly provide them. Nevertheless, their products seem to consistently meet and exceed the advertised amounts of CBD.

If you’re looking for a full-spectrum oil without any added ingredients — look no further! NuLeaf is great for those dealing with chronic pain, inflammatory disorders, anxiety, and insomnia.


  • Great potency range
  • Hemp is US-certified
  • Ingredients are USDA-certified
  • Full-spectrum oils
  • Free shipping


  • Lab results not readily available on the website
  • Limited range of products


CBDistillery is highly respected for its constant quality in making CBD oils. Additionally, they offer a wide range of products and have a great selection of potent CBD oils. In fact, when you purchase a 30ml bottle, you can end up with as much as 5000mg of pure CBD. Because CBDistillery’s solutions are so potent, they are often used to combat severe medical conditions.

Furthermore, CBDistillery adds coconut to their products to mask the strong taste of hemp, making the ingestion much easier. Thus, theirs might be the best CBD oil for you if you dislike the strong taste of hemp in other oils.

However, the company has had some issues regarding the shopping experience and customer complaints. Their website sometimes crashes for no apparent reason and based on customer reviews — the company’s customer support isn’t the best.


  • Outstanding potency
  • Great value
  • Made from US hemp
  • Made with the CO2 extraction method


  • Slow website
  • Strict service and shipping policies
  • No flavored products available
  • Not the best shopping experience

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is not new to the industry and has set some standards for the manufacturing of CBD oils. They claim that each hemp plant they use is hand-selected, and each of their products goes through third-party lab testing.

The company is also well-known for making delicious CBD tinctures featuring Banana, Butterscotch, Dragon Fruit, and Lemon Lime flavors. Therefore, Diamond CBD could be the best CBD oil for you if you enjoy exploring different flavors in your tinctures, or if you want a full-spectrum oil.

Although their oil seems to be good at its job and the 500mg option can help you combat moderate anxiety and pain. However, the company makes some claims that they can’t prove. For example, they boast about their oil having 7 times the concentration of any of their competitors — but don’t substantiate the claim.


  • Features Scandinavian hemp
  • Full-spectrum
  • Great flavors
  • Good selection
  • Third-party lab testing


  • No natural flavor option
  • Difficult to prove claims

Verified CBD

Verified CBD has a reputation for producing high-quality oils which can help you tame your anxiety. The brand creates its products with the help of the CO2 extraction method and features only full-spectrum extracts.

However, there’s no mention of third-party testing on their website, which is puzzling as they claim to have “the purest CBD oil on the market.” Although the company will allow you to see their test results upon request, you couldn’t say their oil is the purest one available.


  • Uses the CO2 extraction method
  • Features full-spectrum terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Tested by a third-party lab
  • Hemp sourced in Florida
  • Great for treating chronic pain and anxiety


  • Not entirely true to its claims
  • No extra flavors
  • Sold only as CBD oil drops


What makes Endoca special is that it features CBDA (a potent anti-inflammatory), which is sourced from a raw hemp plant. It represents one of the very few brands that take care of every minute detail when creating their CBD oil.

Endoca’s potent CBD oil also comes at a surprisingly reasonable price, especially when you consider the quality of the ingredients and production process. Moreover, the company has even been awarded the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMT) certificate because their oils are tested every step of the way. Although some users complain about the company’s narrow product range, it’s good to know they focus on quality, rather than quantity.


  • Contains both CBD and CBDA
  • Full-spectrum extracts
  • Owner of the GMP certificate
  • Features vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Quite transparent


  • Narrow product range
  • Only natural flavor
  • Not the best selection of products

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads is definitely one of the trailblazers in the CBD industry, and all of their products are formulated by the company’s in-home pharmacists. Additionally, the company only sells isolate-based CBD oils and offers a wide range of concentrations from 100–3500mg. Although its prices are slightly higher, its products also come at a significantly higher quality.


  • Great quality of CBD and hemp
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction method
  • 7 different potency options


  • Heftier price tag
  • Bad refund policy
  • An overwhelming number of products

Bota Hemp

Bota Hemp uses Colorado-grown, non-GMO plants to create one of the best CBD oil available on the market. Furthermore, the CO2 extraction is responsible for incredible purity, and hemp and coconut oil are responsible for the greater bioavailability of their oils.

Although Bota Hemp’s product range isn’t quite as impressive, its quality is nearly without a match.


  • Colorado-grown hemp
  • Features hemp and coconut oil
  • Non-GMO
  • Sweet herbal flavor


  • No flavor variety
  • 3 potency variations

Final Thoughts

Because the CBD industry is so unregulated, it allows for unscrupulous business owners to do as they wish. However, that’s what articles such as this one are for. The unbiased opinion you get from a fellow CBD lover should make you feel comfortable enough to make a decision on the best CBD oil for you. So, hopefully, this article made you feel confident enough to make an educated, well-informed decision before embarking on your exciting new journey.

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